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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1973, 10(3), 127-129. English

Identification of c4 and c5 lactones in beer.

Spence, L.R., Palamand, S.R. and Hardwick, W.A.

Gamma butyro and gamma valero lactones have been identified in beer by a G.L.C. method and the concentrations determined. The flavour threshold for these lactones is high, suggesting that they have only a secondary role in influencing beer flavour at the endogenous levels. In this paper, experimental details on the identification of alpha butyro and alpha valero lactones are reported. Quantitative levels in beer as well as flavour influence of the two lactones at different levels of addition to beer are also reported.
Keywords: acid analysis beer gas chromatography identification lactone valeric acid