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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., July/Aug/Sept. 1973, 10(3), 134-138. English

Design of a waste water treatment plant.

Love, L.S., Guillaume, F. and Weiks, H.

Serving a new brewery in the City of Barrie, Ontario, a biological treatment plant was designed and built to treat the concentrated waste water, originated mainly in the brewhouse and the bottle shop. Thus the total brewing effluent to the city sewer would satisfy the sewer By-Law limits. The low rate activated sludge process was selected for the treatment plant because of its capability to withstand shock organic and hydraulic loadings. Performance data collected during the first year of operation has confirmed that the installed treatment facility has satisfied the imposed effluent criteria. This paper discusses the design of this particular treatment plant.
Keywords: brewery design effluent waste water