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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1973, 10(3), 123-126. English

Ultracentrifugation of beer.

Mocek, M. and Kataoka, K.

Variation in the distribution of beer components upon aging was followed by the application of ultracentrifugation. It was found that well marked trends exist and may be correlated with time. In particular the polymerization of proteinaceous material and anthocyanogen may be clearly demonstrated by the increase of solid concentration in the pellet. However, a hydrolytic process is also being detected, as reflected in the solid content increase in the low molecular weight layers. The relation of anthocyanogen to protein and alpha amino nitrogen appears to be that of a complex which has been performed in beer from the outset of the brewing process and possibly existing already in barley and malt.
Keywords: anthocyanogen beer centrifugation constituent molecular weight protein