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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1972, 9(2), 89-94 English

A novel raw material and mashing system to produce lower calorie beer.

Sfat, M.R. and Morton, B.J.

In order to make an acceptable lower calorie beer with normal alcohol content and without the use of amyloglucosidase, a special malt with a high soluble protein content is ground and extracted for 1h at 100 degrees fahrenheit to recover 90% of the available soluble protein. The extract is mixed with a highly fermentable sugar (dextrose) and hops and the mixture is boiled and then fermented in the normal way. The real degree of fermentation was >80 and the calorie content of the resultant beer was 98 to 105/12 oz. The economic considerations of such a process are described in detail.
Keywords: beer brewing costs fermentation low calorie malt production protein sugar wort