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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1970, 7(3), 167-181. English

Beer polyphenols and the chemical basis of haze formation. part iii the polymerization of polyphenols and their reactions in beer.

Gramshaw, J.W.

Research is carried out on nonbiological hazes so that fuller knowledge of the way in which they form may be gained and eventually, so that the brewing process can be made to yield stable beers without recourse to palliatives. If manipulation of the phenolic and sensitive protein content of the raw materials is required, this may be possible by use of a proportion of green malt, although many practical difficulties are still inherent in this approach. Constituents containing bound phenolic residues are prominent in fractions, recently isolated from beer, which appear to be very important in respect of beer flavour. Certain of these constituents may well be lost to some extent if a beer is stabilised for example, with Nylon. Thus, any permanent solution to the haze problem must involve very small selective changes. Methods for the estimation of polyphenols in beer and brewing materials are discussed in the paper.
Keywords: beer haze polyphenol