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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., April/May/June 1969, 6(2), 146-148 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Recent container developments in the United States

B. D. Bodde

A general discussion of packaged beer containers is presented to acquaint brewers outside the United States with the status of container development in this country. Consumer convenience, consumer appeal, and cost reduction developments in cans, bottles, and closures are described. The use of tin-free steel and aluminum cans is growing rapidly. Private and select-shape bottles with threaded finishes have been made possible by improved glass manufacturing techniques and better handling on the filling line. Convenience openers on cans are almost standard. Convenience bottle closures have made substantial progress in the last two years. Factors that will lead to more esoteric containers in the future must be considered in planning packaging facilities.