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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., July/August/September 1969, 6(3), 190-192. English

Bottle cleaning evaluation using the jacobson and lindqvist technique.

Eberhardt, R.D.

Details of the Jacobsson and Lindqvist method of preparing standard soiled bottles and quantitatively evaluating them before and after treatment have been examined and the results used to predict the effect of some bottle cleaning cycles. Phenomena such as the Dupre Effect and the nonuniformity of soil must also be considered for an accurate appraisal of a cycle. Failure to adhere strictly to the details of the standard soiling method yields data which are not directly comparable to the earlier work and do not quantitatively add to its usefulness. It is suggested that to get a fair and meaningful comparison of the 2 machines, regardless of their type or make, one must use controlled and comparable operating conditions.
Keywords: beer cleaning glass bottle