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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., October/November/December 1968, 5(4), 235-238 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Control of proteolytic activity of malt

W. J. Klopper and H. A. Vermeire

This paper is particularly concerned with practical methods for controlling the proteolytic activity of malt and hence the nitrogen content and color of the wort. The usual methods, involving changes in the degree of steeping and the germination temperature, have limited value. Treating the germinating barley with Sodium Bromate also has little effect, except at prohibitively high levels. The addition of formalin to the first steep-water proved to be particularly effective. This is attributed to the reduction in microbial infection, particularly Helminthosporium sativum. The formalin treatment also causes a significant reduction in the polyphenol content of the malt and so may contribute to improved beer stability.