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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., October/November/December 1968, 5(4), 218-222 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Flash pasteurization and aseptic bottling

X. Van Den Bogaert, S. Hassan, and F. Quesada

We have found that the aseptic filling of flash pasteurized beer is practicable, and the main problems are encountered in finding simple and easily controllable methods for conserving the sterility of the aggregate of the filling units, as well as finding a simple and feasible control of the final bottled beer without having to resort to a statistically significant number of samples, which is impossible both economically and technically. We also consider it necessary to establish effective collaboration between the technical personnel of the breweries and the manufacturers of the machinery involved, so as to resolve to the satisfaction of both, the problems which remain and those that may be encountered in the future.