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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., July/August/September 1968, 5(3), 157-162 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Yeast behavior in relation to brewing and beer quality

A. H. Cook

Methods presently available to identify yeast species are described briefly. An analysis is made of the relation between properties of a yeast strain, influence of wort movement, aeration during the growth period and washing of the yeast on the one hand versus the quality of the brewed beer on the other hand. With respect to the actual fermentation, the simplified division into lag period, logarithmic phase and stationary phase was investigated critically in connection with the important influence of the aromatic and other compounds developed on beer quality. In conclusion it is emphasized that our present knowledge of the fermentation behavior permits adaptation of all fermentation factors while introducing new fermentation processes, in a systematic and no longer empirical fashion, so that the existing characteristics of the beer produced can be retained unchanged.