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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., October/November/December 1967, 4(4), 233-238 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
The determination of the oxidation state of wort and beer

J. E. A. Van Gheluwe

Methods for measurement of the oxido-reduction potential and the determination of dissolved oxygen in wort and beer have been studied extensively for the last 25 years. Limited use has been made of electrode potential measurements for determining the oxidation state of wort and beer, but colorimetric methods have been used extensively. Important advances have been made in our knowledge of the brewing process through the application of oxido-reduction indicators in the study of oxidation mechanisms. Dissolved oxygen measurements have generally been made by colorimetric methods, but refined polarographic or gas-liquid chromatographic techniques are currently being used, and it is now possible to measure oxygen very precisely over a wide range of concentrations.