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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., October/November/December 1967, 4(4), 227-230 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
A new concept in direct firing of modern malt kilns: Light virgin naphtha

A. Olsen

A description is given of the background for the test of a liquid fuel consisting solely of light hydro-carbons C4-C7 called Light Virgin Naphtha (trade-name for LVN) for the automatic firing of two one-floor kilns. The effects of the almost complete absence of sulphur in Light Virgin Naphtha are noted. Results of tests adding SO2 to the drying air at the kiln air-intake during firing with Light Virgin Naphtha are described. The test results indicate that the new firing method is usable. A short description of the new permanent installations for firing both kilns with Light Virgin Naphtha is given. Experiences with the new automatic kiln-firing systems are stated.