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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., July/August/September 1967, 4(3), 182-184 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Unmalted barley in brewing

T.-M. Enari and M. Linko

When using a mixture of malt and unmalted barley in brewing brewing, a degree of starch hydrolysis similar to all-malt brews is usually desired. This can be achieved by the proper choice of the malt and the mashing schedule. A third component may be employed, which is either easi1y hydrolyzable or has already been hydrolyzed, e.g., sugar, corn syrup, or corn flakes. No pretreatment of the barley is necessary. Technical scale brews show that at least 15% unmalted barley can be used without any significant change in the flavor of conventional lager beer. Pilot brews indicate that the proportion of barley can be even higher.