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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., April/May/June 1967, 4(2), 174-176 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
The effect of various types of packages on Staypro WS-7 in finished beer

J. M. Courtney

Since the approval of n-heptyl p-hydroxybenzoate (WS-7) by the FDA for use in fermented malt beverages, a great deal of interest has been shown by the breweries. Inquiries as to the effect of various types of packages on this preservate have prompted us to carry out experiments in collaboration with a major can company and with several breweries. The data presented in this paper indicate that while some base-coats adsorb WS-7, a normally manufactured can will not adsorb any significant quantity. Packaging in cans and bottles from the same tank of treated beer also showed that WS-7 was not adsorbed by either type of package.