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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., January/February/March 1967, 4(1), 39-49 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
What the bottling machinery supplier expects of the buyer

G. L. N. Meyer, Jr.

The brewer should understand some of the economics of the bottling machinery industry. He should realize the disadvantages of and high costs inherent in specials, and should be aware of the relatively small market for brewery machinery. This article defines the purpose and scope of specifications. The stress in all specifications should be on "when. How a "clean" order can be developed. How to help get on-time delivery. How to avoid shipping problems. The limits of in-factory machine testing. How to speed installation. When and where personnel should be trained. The problem of de-bugging, and some cures. Who pays for what. Contract clauses, or why lawyers are needed.