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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., January/February/March, 2(1), 61-67 English  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Extract control and volume shrinkage in brewing

J. Schwaiger, G. B. Lingelbach, Walter Swistowicz, and J. P. Fischbach

Brew House and Wort Cooling Extract control means the determination of yield and control of extract losses or true losses throughout the whole brewing process. Avoidable losses---Wort filter to finishing tanks Losses of wort and beer can be substantially reduced by a systematic review of plant practices and equipment. Beer losses, for example, can be reduced by shortening transfer lines, increasing transfer and filtration cycles, increasing tank working capacity, correcting valve leakage---and proper education of plant personnel. Finishing and Bottling Cellar Losses Direct observation of the practices presently followed in the emptying of finishing and government tanks, and exact procedures used at the start and end of beer transfer through the polish filter and to the filling units can improve the loss situation in the finishing and bottling cellar. Aspects of losses in a small brewery Although, in a small (compact) brewery, the ratio of losses per beer transfer is slightly higher, these losses can often be offset by close supervision of wasteful practices.